What is UAC?

UACUser Account Control – is a security technology developed by Microsoft and introduced with Windows Vista.

It’s present on all the Windows desktop and server operating systems since Vista.

UAC asks for the authorization of an administrator everytime an application tries to perform potentially dangerous operations. This increases security against malware and human errors from non-administrators.

What is a hard link?

A hard link is a link pointing to a file, instead of the – more common – soft link that points to a file name.

A single file can have multiple file names and the modification of any of them will affect all the others.

What is RAID?

RAID (redundant array of independent disks or redundant array of inexpensive disks) is a data storage technology that combines multiple disks in a single logical volume in order to achieve greater protection against hardware failures, greater performance or a combination of both.

Common RAID schemes are RAID 1 – also known as mirroring – and RAID 5.

There’s a complete list of all RAID schemes on Wikipedia.

What is backup retention?

Backup retention – also known as data retention – is a set of policies about which data, where and how long should they be archived.

Good backup retention policies protect from hardware failures and human errors, allowing to restore previous versions of the backed up files.

What is a snapshot (virtualization)?

A snapshot – of a virtual machine – is a file-based representation of the state of the virtual machine at a given time.

It includes disk data and configuration data of the VM.

With a snapshot you can restore a machine to a previous state.

What is backup software?

A backup software is an application capable to create, manage and execute backup operations.

Backup operations are essentially copies of data, performed for security purposes.

Our Uranium Backup is a perfect example of what is a backup software.

What is a remote desktop software?

A remote desktop software is an application that allows a user to remotely access and control a machine.

Many remote desktop applications are based on the open source VNC while others on proprietary code. Some can work without the need to open logical ports – like our Supremo – while other can’t.

Remode desktop software are widely adopted solutions to provide remote support and to manage servers.