Convert a thick provisioned disk to thin and vice versa on VMware ESXi

Thick-to-thin and thin-to-thick virtual disk provisioning conversion is one of the most common operations performed by the IT staff administering a virtual environment. The allocated spaces of a thin provisioned virtual disk is equal to the used space plus a bunch of bytes while with a thick provisioned virtual disk the maximum capacity will be allocated despite the usage of the drive.

Thin provisioned disks allow IT admins to store more virtual machines in the same datastore. It’s possible to convert a thick provisioned disk to a thin one in a bunch of clicks thanks to the powerful vSphere Web Client, for VMware ESXi virtual machines. It’s also possible to perform the inverse operation.

How to: enable SSH shell on ESXi hosts

Let’s see how to enable the SSH shell of an VMware ESXi host version 5.5.

The first step is to download the vSphere Client 5.5 using this link.

Install the package and open the application. Specify the IP address of the ESXi host and the user credentials:

Enable SSH shell on ESXi hosts